Hello people. This is your favorite Shaymin Jacob. Here is the first episode.

Jacob is in a forest. Passed out. He soon wakes up, he is incredibly nervous. 

Jacob: W-where am I? Where are my parents?

The Shaymin is scared. He begins wandering in hopes of finding some Pokemon that can help him. He soon runs into a Growlithe and a Noibat.

Jacob: Excuse me, hello?

The Growlithe is the first to notice.

Jenny: What's up kid? You lost?

Jacob: Y-yes. I s-somehow got seperated from my parents and wound up here.

The Growlithe gives a sympathetic look then turns to her Noibat companion.

Jenny: Hey Olive. 

Olive: Dang it, Jenny. You broke my train of thought. 

Jenny: Well sorry. It's just we need to help this little Shaymin find his parents. He got lost and has no idea where he is.

Olive: Why do I care this kid got lost? Where's the fun in helping him? Pranking is alot more fun.

Jenny gives an angry look. 

Jenny: You are being incredibly selfish. If you only care about yourself then when are you even on Team Blitz?

Olive: Give me more oppurtunitys to prank.

Jenny sighs. 

Jenny: Go back to the base. I'll handle this.

Olive: Whatever.

With that said, Olive fly's off. Jenny turns here attention back to Jacob.

Jenny: So little guy, do you remember where your parents were last?

Jacob: My name isn't little guy it's Jacob. 

Jenny: I'm sorry Jacob. Anyway, do you?

Jacob starts thinking. 

Jacob: No.

Jenny: Well, until you remember, I think it is best that you come with me.

Jacob: Mama told me to not go anywhere with a stranger. Especially a fire Pokemon for that matter.

Jenny: I understand. But it's not safe to be in this forest alone. It would be best if you stayed by me so you won't get hurt.

Jacob: O-okay. I'll go with you Miss..... uhh... what's your name?

Jenny: I'ts Jenny.

Jacob: Nice to meet you Miss Jenny.

Jenny: We will complete our intrductions later. We need to get out of here.

Jacob gives a nod and with that they are off. The walk throught the forest not seeming to be bothered by any other Pokemon. That must of Jinxed it because they soon ran into a group of wild Hitmonchan.

Jacob's eyes widened. Jenny stood in front of him protectivly. 

Jenny: Stay behind me Jacob.

Jenny vs Wild Hitmonchan

Short story I know. My character is a little kid because I just felt like making him a little kid.Vote on the battle. I will continue from here once the voting is in. 

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